Obedient Husband

My wife and I have been married 15 years and things have changed a lot through the years.  She (Constance) was a 21 year old black woman and I was a 37 year old white man when we married.  Constance was always assertive and most of the change has been on my part.  She told me when we started dating that she expected her man to be obedient.  She would also talk about her mother Serena and the way her mother controls her step-father (Ben).  You see, Ben was injured in Vietnam and is in a wheelchair.  Serena is physically stronger than him and he does what she tells him to do.  Ben eats when she tells him to eat and he goes to his room when she tells him to go to his room.  Serena is the boss and I have never seen Ben put up any kind of fight.  In fact, I don't think I have seen Ben say anything back to her.  Serena will stare at Ben and point one of her long painted nails toward the bedroom and Ben will obediently roll his chair there.  Several times, he would be wheeling to the dining room and Serena would look at him, point and say that she would bring him some food when she was finished eating.  Ben would turn around and go back to the bedroom and Serena would laugh at the table and brag about how well she had  trained her husband.       

Well, I just realized today that I am like Ben and my wife is like her mom.  This afternoon, my wife told me to take our daughter to basketball practice and then pick up some Sally Hansen Hard as Nails fingernail polish.  When I got home, Constance was on the bed watching TV and she told me to read her the directions on the nail polish.  When I finished, she told me to paint her nails.  I asked her if she wanted me to paint them so she could finish her show and she said no, that she wanted to watch me do it.  Constance told me that she wanted me to get on my knees by the bed and paint her nails.  I got on my knees and painted her nails while she stared at me.  Her nails are very long and she had me do two coats, even under her nails.  I thought I was finished and started to get up when she said, "I didn't dismiss you".  She stared at me and pointed to the ground and I got back on my knees.  Constance told me to paint her toenails and I did. 

Afterwards, I felt a little awkward as I approached my wife.  She looked at her nails and said that I did a good job for my first time.  Then, she looked at me and said, "I'm just like my mom.  I get my long hard nails from her and my personality".  I started to say something and Constance put one of her long nails to my mouth to quiet me.  She had a small smile on her face and she said, "bring me a coke and the phone".  I brought her a coke and the phone and she pointed to the ground.  I got back on my knees and she said, "you can rub my feet".  As I was rubbing her feet, Constance called her mom and told her about the nail painting, foot rubbing etc.  She put the phone on speaker and Serena was laughing and telling me that she wanted a nail appointment and a foot massage.  Constance was laughing too and saying that I looked like a "little whipped puppy" and that I had become a very obedient husband.  I started to reply, but Constance again put one her long nails to my mouth and I stopped.   It was at that time that I realized that I had turned into Ben and my wife was now my boss.     

The whole journey to this point was subtle, but constant.  On our honeymoon, Constance had me beg for her and this has continued through today.  As soon as we start to kiss and I get excited, she points to the ground.  This means for me to get on my knees and beg.  I considered this foreplay and not really a big deal.  I asked Constance about it a time or two and she sees it as training.  She tells me, "I like it when you beg.  I know what you want and I make you beg for it".   

Constance also likes to point rather than ask me to do something.  I wanted her to ask me to turn off the light or take the dishes to the sink, but her answer was, "I like you as my puppet".  Over the years, it was just easier to do what she wanted rather than fight about things.  It was obvious that she was not going to change.  So now, when she points to the light; I go and turn it off.  When she points to her dishes; I go and put them in the sink.  When she wiggles her little finger; I go and hold her purse and when she points to the ground; I get on my knees.   

After I started to respond to her signals, she decided it would be easier for me to see and respond if her nails were longer.  She asked me to do the dishes since the water was hard on her nails.  I bought her some gloves, but she never used them.  Constance kept asking me to do the dishes and I gave up the battle and have been doing the dishes for over three years.  Now, her nails have gotten very long and she wants me to keep them painted and she wants me to file and paint her toenails.  She keeps her big toenails a little bit longer and she calls them her spurs.  At night, she will jab one into my leg and that means she wants me to rub her back.    

Constance talks about her mom and step-father and how much she admires her mom.  She told me, "My step-dad use to give orders in the marines, but now he takes orders from my mom.  He is very obedient".  I asked her to compare her folks and us.  Constance said that she likes to be with me and she is not so sure about her mom and step-father being together a lot.  She said, "When I make you do something, I want to be right there and watch.  I don't have a job, so I like being the boss in our house". 

I love my wife and she is gorgeous and good to me.  She is not sadistic, but she likes to be in control.  I really should of realized things earlier since I have always given in to what she wants.  Before, she was subtle (except during foreplay) and now she is open.  Constance told me that she enjoys how attentive and submissive I am during foreplay and she wants me to be that way all of the time around her.    

At least one of my friends told me, "if I had a wife like yours, I would kiss her a$$ too".     

One month update.

My wife (Constance) and I went to visit her mom (her step-father was at dialysis) about 10 days ago.  She was telling her mom (Serena) about all the things I do around the house and Serena kept wanting to see it for herself.  My wife was eager to take control and I spent the next few hours being the nice obedient husband to my increasingly assertive wife.  Serena suggested that my wife wear taller heels in public and that I wear shoes without any heels, which is the reverse of how we currently dress.  I am 5'8" and Constance is 5'9", so I have always worn boots with heels to look taller.  Since our trip, Constance has been wearing 3 to 6 inch heels and I am "not allowed" to wear anything with heels.  Constance looks so confident as she towers over me.  People have commented on how much taller she is than me and she likes to pat me on the head and say, "my little man".     

Yesterday I had to file down her right middle fingernail.  All ten nails had gotten so long that she could not use her iphone.  It is still about an inch long, but it looks short with all of her other nails about 2 inches long.  For the most part, things have remained unchanged around the house.  Constance expects me to be obedient and attentive.  She told me on the way home from visiting her mom that she felt like a queen on the visit.  She also said, "I like it when you look, think and act submissive around me and I am especially glad that my mom noticed it".  I asked her what her mom said about the visit and Constance would only say that her mom enjoyed the visit.   

Constance is very much the strong, silent type and we have a romantic and passionate marriage.  I guess she could appear to be mean or manipulative, but she comes across to me as confident and attractive.  The rewards for being the obedient husband far outweigh any battle for control. She has said from the beginning that she wanted me to be obedient and I recently realized that she almost always gets her way.  I asked her tonight about our relationship and what she liked best about it.  She told me that she likes how attentive I have become and how I do things for her without being told.  She added, "I would rather you rub my feet without being told than having to tell you to do it".  When she said that, I went over and started rubbing her feet.  Then she raised her right foot toward me and I started kissing her foot.  After a while, she said that if I begged, maybe we could go and do something.  I begged, she smiled and soon we were off to the bedroom - and I think I got the best of that deal.    

November update

It has been another two or three weeks and I appreciate the comments.  Some do not really apply, since my wife is more assertive than dominant and I can't see the toilet stuff or spankings happening.  Constance broke her longest nail last week while unfolding the ironing board and as a result, I have been doing more of the household chores.  Actually, I am doing all of the housework except cooking.  She did take over the checkbook and is now doing all of the bills.  The bedroom is still very active and Constance has been more directive about the things I need to do to please her.  At this point, Constance is quite confident and very much in control.  

November 18 update

The wife and I had another good visit.  She explained that she felt in control at times during our marriage, but  there were other times that I ignored her.  She decided that she wanted me to be attentive and obedient all the time.  Constance decided to be more assertive and found that she enjoyed being bossy.  She said, "I told you what to do and you liked it.  At first it was kind of a game, to see what you would do, but all you did was obey me.  I turned you into my puppet - just like my mom did to my step-dad."

Constance went on to say that she is a lot like her mom and that she really enjoys being in control.  She also said that this has been her favorite month of our marriage.   

December 17 update

It has been quite a month.  Constance continues to enjoy controlling things around the house.  Everyday she dictates me a list of chores to do and Constance sits in her chair like a queen and supervises me.  I am not allowed to do anything without her permission.  Even if I have to go to the bathroom, I have to kneel before her and beg for permission.  Usually, she will put her foot on my stomach near my bladder and mash down.  "Are you sure you need to go?"  Constance will also ask me several times a day, "Who's the boss?"  I have to answer, "Mistress C is the boss".  

Constance loves her nails and they are are all about 3 inches long.  The only exceptions are her right middle fingernail, which I keep filed down so she can use her phone and her right index fingernail, which broke.  Even her short nails are at least an inch long.  People will ask her how she can do things around the house and she will look at me condescendingly and say, "that is what husbands are for".  Sometimes they will look to see my response, but I just nod compliantly.  It is subtle, but obvious that Constance is the boss.   

Our marriage continues to be very sexual.  Even in the bedroom, Constance says she can only enjoy sex while dominating me and it is the one place where she is more physical then mental.  She especially like to move me around by pulling my hair or prodding me under the nipple with one of her long nails.        


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5 Responses Sep 25, 2011

I to need the to be the submissive one. So rewarding.

you are well obey husband like i am what does your daughter think of all this is she also superior to you<br />
i am submissive male to wife in chastity a panties i do all house work cooking cleaning so on i give messarge to wife do her nails perform oral only on her an use toys to give her ******<br />
its is the way of live female supeiror

That sounds like and excellent arrangement but if it was me I think I would be asking or even begging my wife to allow me to wear proper maid uniforms to do the housework and have a proper schedule of work to be done like a proper maid. Also is you mother in law near enough for you to go and do some housework for her which would be nice

I dunno if I would call it good<br />
<br />
Sure being submissive or being a slave sexually can be good.<br />
<br />
However, being so submissive to someone who is controlling, selfish, and mean, I don't consider good.

umm, damn, I'm so sorry.