I Like The Good Stuff

I saw   a man help a woman with a broken down car. I saw a woman tell another that she dropped something & walked a ways to give it back. A man  helped me at the grocery..I was too short to reach the top shelf. He just came up & said, " need some help getting that down"?   A little old guy let me go  first in a check out lane.." You only have one thing..go ahead of me".  We see too  much bad behavior on a daily basis.Little gestures make me want to pass it on to someone when I get the chance.  No matter who it is, It will make them feel nice..even for a ittle while.
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Makes me miss the south. =(<br />
I feel like when someone performs a random act of kindness, it makes the other person want to be super nice as well. =)

Very true Hrmg..Makes me want to do something nice for anyone, asap.People in the south are very nice to strangers..I noticed that when we went from Florida , up to Indiana.I appreciated their smiles and polite manners.

Nice story - pay it forward is a nice way of life - would like to see more of it.<br />
I wonder if it's one of those things you will slowely become more aware of if you intentionally make effort to look for it.

yes..I made it a point to be xtra friendly at the store and so many people smiled ..The grocery store can reveal a person's nature.Shopping carts, parking and crowded isles.It was actually fun! I want to keep up the spirit . no frowns allowed :>)

I love reading stuff like this.<br />
<br />
Now times its really sad that more people are afraid of helping others or just being plain polite!

Hi BcB..thanks..I'm going to see if I can pay it forward today..it's a win, win situation. Cheers!

You are right. It's amazing how someones' behavior can make or break your day. Hope yours was good!! : )