Outside Looking In

I always have enjoyed seeing others going about their lives. Businessmen rushing to meetings, shoppers wandering the aisles, students meeting with friends after class. At family gatherings, I always sit in the back and watch the drama unfold and the memories takes shape. I`m more comfortable that way, I guess. Seeing reactions, expressions, actions. Most people are too involved in a situation to come up with an answer for their problems. If they would only step back and see what I do, they would`nt have any issues. Either way, when they need it most, someone will usually step in and solve their problem. Eventually. Kind of fun, really. Someones in a bit of a jam and needs an answer. I walk over , give a solution after seemingly not paying attention, and watch as their mind is blown by the surprise. To them, you were in your own little world and could care less. But in fact, I was keenly watching, observing, and waiting for the chance to move in and help. Everyone loves surprises; you just got to know which ones.
JesusKravitz JesusKravitz
18-21, M
Jul 11, 2012