Sneeze Time!

One of the many things I like to observe about the people I meet, is what their sneeze sounds like. Everyone has their own unique way of sneezing - it's almost like an acoustic fingerprint! As a child, I derived hours of amusement by drawing imaginary correlations between personality traits and the quality of one's sneeze.

There are as many sneezes as there are people in the world - soggy sneezes that spray innocent bystanders; loud sneezes that make you jump; tantalizing almost-sneezes that keep you gasping but never arrive; bumper-to-bumper sneezes that come in threes - and many more interesting sneezes.

  -  My Mom often suffers from allergies. Her sneezes are exploding goo-bombs that come in gangs and leave her brain rattling helplessly against the walls of her cranium.

  -  My Dad's sneezes are pretty midway. He follows them up with truck-engine noises - using sound waves to dislodge any stubborn remnants of phlegm from his sinuses.

  -  I have a classmate who is very, very petite. Her sneeze is a dainty little 'chi' that sounds more like a canary rustling its wings in a cage.

  -  My late Grandfather's sneeze would stop you in your tracks. It was a veritable bomb among sneezes - a horrible thud that never failed to terrify my dog into whimpering submission.

Sometimes I wish I had a scrapbook of sneezes. It would contain videos of all different kinds of sneezes.
Till then, I just have to trust my memory!
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

funny you should say that about sneezing,,When I have one sneeze 2 more will follow,, the bumper to bumper 3 times,, is how I sneeze,,

Triplicate sneezes are the very best!

thank you

Lol you're an interesting observer of random things

Thanks :)

Interesting observance! Mine ones are bumper-to-bumper sneezes!! haha :P

Ah... the best kind!