View From My Window

I have an enormous Wild-Fig-Tree in the back of my garden.  It was paradise to Egyptian Geese and other bigger species of birds.  I watched many generation of Egyptian Geese growing to strong and noisy adults and I’m sure that some of those in their turn build their nest in the same tree.  However since the beginning of this year 2005 heaven has turned into hell.    

Why?.... The monkeys and pollution have taken over the peaceful and clean smelling atmosphere of my garden.

Firstly, every morning thick clouds of stinking mist cover our area. It prevents the sun-rays to penetrate between the branches and leaves of my big tree  and darkens even more the mostly shady back-garden. The grass growing there for years has died and a thick leaved kind has taken over.  I wouldn’t mind as it grows to a thick carpet  but it dies down in winter and leaves the ground covered with brown patches and other places bare.

Zarine Zarine
Jul 20, 2009