From my experience, only two causes. On purpose, and accidental. Most of the time its on purpose, and I am gonna tell you guys how to achieve it.

Food, I eat leafy vegetables and fruits like spinach, pumpkin, beets, carrots, sometimes jalapenos in the dish, papayas, bananas, oh and mushrooms. that will be my friday dinner dish, prepared by myself. that about two hours later i have my fruits, lastly, laxatives! I'll have them before I sleep, and let the rush begin in my sleep(im a deep sleeper, i clean up in the morning).
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I´m thought take laxatives at some night just before going to sleeping and look what will happen. I´m deep sleeper too but I´m not never pooped in my pants during of sleeping on accident. On purpose a many many times :)

Naughty girl to eat laxatives just before going to sleeping ;)

i really want to do this you should message me :3

Sounds pretty great to happen when your sleeping. :)

So do you do it in a diaper or all over the bed?

Not really all over the bed, just always at the center of the bed where I lie on when I sleep.