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Okay, I have only been on EP since, what March of this year? Can't check that now. While I have been on I have often read people's experiences here that are Awesome, Good, Fair - all the way to the Ugly. Overwhelmingly I have had a good experience. Tonight after finshing chatting with a member of my circle I saw in my email updates that an Ep member had commented on my Whiteboard and also "became my fan". So I went to my Whiteboard. Much to my dismay I read a really gross question and then I noticed the avatar was a nude woman. It wasn't art. So I went to the "member's" profile and blocked the user. I also flagged the user.

I have never blocked or flagged anyone before. As I said most of my experiences on EP are great. Even when I have had a few weird things happen I have never had to block anyone and I guess I found flagging the user somewhat questionable. I am not into censorship. I am not into shutting down what someone else has to say. But this user just joined Ep had no stories and nude pics and thinks introducing himself by spewing profane messages is a good idea apparently. I am pretty liberal and open minded. I don't mind off beat humor or racey subjects if there is a point or laughter. But I don't need to look at a picture of a naked woman and wonder if she posed for the shot willingly. So yeah I am joining the "I Occupy Experience Project" to join BobFrost in protesting the people who are joining Ep just to prey on others.

I encourage you to read his story in the Group.

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I think you are in the right and the wrong. Yes, he shouldnt be doing that, but EP is a place for us to share our lives. Our thoughts, our wants, and our interests are supposed to be welcome here. Let everyone deal with each other in their own way. In this one, completely free space, who are any of us to step in and say "This isnt allowed"?

Don't feel bad about blocking anyone who is unpleasant to you. And yes, you should flag. Nudity in an avatar is prohibited per the EP terms & conditions. I've had this happen to me too. Some person wrote on my whiteboard about how they hated me & my blog. I was like then ignore me, why are they wasting their time on someone they don't like. Hello? Moron. Well I went to their profile left them a msg informing them I really don't care if they didn't like me & my interaction, the world doesn't revolve around them. Idiot. Then I blocked them. Now they can't attack my stories or questions or me. They don't belong here, this is a support site and not for that kind of stupidity. Childish behavior not appreciated here! So block & flag as necessary.

Please send any and all inappropriate users and i as well wil block them