Is Water Thicker Than Blood

When I look at at my two brothers my heart swelled with pride each one is so imperfect with so many perfections which only made me love them more. Not in my wildest imaganition I have ever felt the betrayal of someone whom I trusted not just with my life but my son too. I would have walked to the end of the earth for you my loyalty to both my brothers is just not skin deep but it goes far beyond than just you being my brother. Althogh we had some cracks in our foundation I always thoiught we were strong enough as a family to survife anything that lfe may through our way. I was shocked and blown away when you turned your back on me and sided with your neighbours wife dimissing me and any attempt from my side to set the record straight you blatantly ignored your only sister.
To add injury to insult I had to find out from other family that they actually saw youre wife driving her car this after I gave you my last money to buy the part so your car can be mobile again, once again the dissappointment when they sold the part and you could no longer get it I was so dissapointed you of all people know the hell my life is and yet you keept the fact from me that the car is fixed and I can come home to my family, even after I gave you R6 000 from my salary you still kept the truth from me and involved my other family to keep you secret wasnt it said that its nice and quite without julandie I always thougt I was part of your family obviouisly I was only apart for a few hours when I was needed. What happened to family values love, loyality, unity and respect. You betrayed my trust and I find it hard to mantain the same level of respect for you. But you r my always love and adore you.
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Apr 29, 2012