Injustice And Abuse Of Human Rights Still Continues In West Papua

West Papuan grievances include, disputing the way the territory was incorporated into the Republic of Indonesia during the 1960s, traditional land rights and resource rights and control; widespread killings, human rights violations and abuse by the security forces; unregulated migration; impacts of large scale resource exploitation particularly mining, logging and plantation establishment; economic disadvantage through a development and civil policy that does not benefit indigenous land owners; environmental destruction; political repression, institutional racism and discrimination.

After East Timor achieved independence in 1999 and the conflict in Aceh was resolved through an international peace accord in 2005, West Papua remains Indonesia’s largest unresolved territorial dispute
There is a whole chapter on the island of Papua New Guinea describing the pristine environment except for the descruction caused by the Indonesians, the indigenous peoples and their culture/lifestyle changes in the book "Travel in a changing world" available at as an ebook for under $10 - fascinating reading.
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May 1, 2013