Not Worth It

If I can't be with the one I truly love and I cannot comprehend love then why is it worth going on?

I will never find a true love, not when I can't grasp that only guy I ever loved....

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18-21, F
8 Responses Apr 4, 2010

I can tell u but not here

Because he did something terrible that hurted me a lot. I can tell u but not in public

then *

the you are still on time to change things,but why would you leave someone whom you are in love with?

I know I actually broke up with him, and he was trying to fix things ( so I was told) but I left him for another guy one I didn't even loved, I ended up breaking his heart out of blanc all for nothing, I still want him...

if there is nothing else you can do.....but you might end up hurting yourself even more if you rush into another relationship

Idk, I had my eyes on someone, I grasped my nails into his heart too, but i let him go...maybe if he doesn't want me no more, I will need someone to make me forget him...

sometimes we have to be rejected a thousand times to find that one person who we can share something special with,but when we do it´s worth it....that´s the only reason most people have to keep going.