The Pain Never Ends.

I did it again today, at work, in fact. I'm glad no one was in the break room with me when i opened up the paper to read about a 12 year old girl who was struck and killed by a car , while riding her bike with her brother and sister, 'cause she was'nt watching for traffic and this schoolteacher driving down the road could'nt stop in time. What a horrible tragedy. just 10 minutes before she died she gave her Dad a goodbye hug and kiss, and then off she went on her bike. I feel so bad for her family anf for that poor lady who hit her. God! sometimes I think I should just stop reading the paper!

timmerb timmerb
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1 Response Apr 27, 2010

To which I'd say:<br />
Tears are "the baby step".<br />
NOW, "GROW" and Begin to get 'More Involved' in those things MAKING you "cry". Writing letters, Organizing "campaigns" ....there's a Couple of Ideas.