Today I Did.

I read of the alleged rape of a 8 year old girl today in my city.

I also seen images of the alleged attacker. but they are not seen anymore at the news site that I go to so you can see for yourselves.

I didn't see a inherently evil person or a crazy maniac. I seen a disturbed person.

While this crime is evil and he should be punished to the max. I also think what had happened to make him do that. Did he suffer as a child as well. What drove him to make him make another child suffer as well. Did society let him down somehow. I am not going to try to get into his or any other criminals head. I seem to get into their hearts. Sometimes they have no hearts and some do have hearts, damaged hearts. But who damaged his heart?

I am not for a second defending this guy at all. Just looking at what made him do this.

Because of what he has done to a child is unforgivable. He stolen her innocence. Now because of his actions their is one more damaged soul on this planet. He took away something that is so special to her or anyone else for that matter. I googled to try to find an image for the alleged attacker and I was shocked to see that there are many more 8 year olds being raped around the world. How many are having their innocence taken away.

It is up to the individual on how they recover but the innocence is gone. Because of this guys actions there is now one more damaged soul who most likely will always be damaged and not let a worthy guy love her as she deserves. And I think that is the tragedy here. Not letting oneself to be loved is so sad and horrible because of someone else who had taken away her innocence.

I lost my innocence when I was about 7 under different circumstances .

And that is when I started to cry for all the damaged souls out there.

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

i was raped when i was eight.. my attacker got away with it :[<br />
and yes you can learn to heal (i have not yet) but you can never get your innocence back.<br />
i will never be able to sit around with a bunch of my girlfriends and swap stories about first kisses or who you lost your virginity to. it seems like everyone else has some romantic [or some how cute but awkward story] . i will never be able to do that. and i will never forgive

I was sexually abused when I was a child (roughly between the ages of 7 and 11) by two different men in my family. I personally think they are/were just perverts. I suppose things may have happened to them as children or something, but it does not excuse the behavior. I like to think that I've turned out alright, considering.