My Dreams Come True The Very Next Day

I know it sounds silly, but is is so true.  I often dream things, and then it will happen the very next day.  The strange thing is, the things I dream is not really important things.  It is so small and un important, that I don't know what is the use of dreaming things that is coming true.  It is not as if I am savings someone's life, or doing anything wonderful with my dreams.  

For instance, I will dream about a car accident, and the next day on my way to work, I will drive past a car accident. 
Or, I would dream about someone I havent seen in months, and the very next day that person would walk into my office.
I have dreamt about people I don't even know at all, and then something small would happen the next day, like a facebook message on my boyfriends facebook wall from that same person I dreamt of.
I have dreamt of my brother that is very sick, and the next day I heard that he was so sick the previous night, and was in hospital the same time I dreamt about it.
My dreams are not always accurate to the last T, but the fact that it is SO close, makes it too much of a coincidence.
this dreams happen almost every day, but I don't remember all my dreams, or I don't make note of it, but when it happens, it would feel like a dejavu.

I had a very big car accident more than 10 years ago, where I was unconscious for a while.  I was "floating" and could see the car underneath me and the road in front of me, with the trees below me....I felt the sun shine on my body, even though it was a rainy cold day.  One of the people on the scene said I was dead, there was no pulse, and he started praying (even though he was not a religious person), and after a while he felt my pulse.

I am not sure if that have something to do with my new "ability", if I can call it that.
Is there any one who have the same or similar experience, or can maybe tell me how to use my dreams or at least dream it more in advance, in order to "stop" it from happening?
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Following the past few days of some intense dream activity after a quiet spell - I decided to look this up on the internet, not expecting to find much, but I was surprised to see how common it seems!

I have left it a bit late in the day to do my research (44yrs) and not normally the kind of guy who posts things on a forum, being naïve and slightly embarrassed about my dream experiences keeping it mostly to myself after having tried to explain it a few times only to be looked at like I was either nuts or just talking nonsense for some form of attention.

For as long as I can remember I have had these dreams - very vivid, I have probably had thousands, at least once a week. Sometimes mundane things that trigger the memory of the dream in a significant way or the more intense dreams that are borderline nightmares but not disturbing - this may be because I am so used to it I actually look forward to them because I know for certain that something is going to happen the next day that is going to relate to the emotional feeling I had in the dream.

Depending on the intensity of the emotion in the dream I can determine if its going to be positive or negative. I am not always the one affected it may be a random event that happens in the day, on the news or a close relative. Sometimes but not as often the emotion can be backed up by a occasional scarily accurate image of the occurrence, which regardless of how irrelevant the situation still sometimes phases me slightly. These are not de ja vous events - they have completely different emotional feelings and experiences involved.

I am not saying I can predict anything to any degree of accuracy other than if I have a have a dream and experience a particular emotion upon waking - I know for sure at some point I will have that reoccurring emotion of the same intensity at some point during that day which will relate back to the dream event & only then make sense - and then the revelation kind hits me, if its a particularly intense experience like very happy or disappointing I never fail to be almost impressed with myself for knowing but not knowing if you know what I mean ?

Until very recently these experiences seemed to only contain negative emotions - almost like I was getting some kind of heads up or warning something crappy was going to happen, however for some reason I have recently had very positive experiences / emotions relayed to me this way.

I am not a religious person I prefer to base any hypothesis of the life, universe etc on science. I understand my subconscious has a big part to play, but the above subject I am baffled by, as my subconscious has no way of knowing most of these things!

It would be interesting to hear anybody's thoughts on the matter if you have had a similar experience or theory.

Sweet dreams ;)

why these r all happening....same with me....and few dreams i relly dont want them to come true...they r really bad ...but they come true....i dont knw wy....i hd dreams of things that will sometime happen many years ago...and some the very next day......i am confused..there are good dreams as well....but bad dreams i dont want them to come true....god....wt to do....some time i feel like not to sleep

Same for me ! I am often reminded of the previous night's dreams by objects, so I will see something and then instantly remember that I dreamt about that exact object, this will happen 3 or four times throughout the day and I experience this on average every 2 months, there is no pattern,I should pay more attention to look for a pattern, it's kinda like de ja vous but I am 100% sure that I dreamt it and it's not my mind playing a trick. I am pretty open minded and do not be live in coincidence, but wot I dream about always seems insignificant, silly objects like a comb, I find this occurrence amazing but wish it was more useful

I too experince the same situation often.

Like once i was being chased by a tiger throughout my night dream and in the morning when i wake up and pick up the newspaper i saw a big coverphoto of a tiger with an article thereon. And it was the tiger that chased me in my dream.

Similarly, once i dreamt of a girl whome i like very much but never get opportunity to see her as we work for different department with different time schedule. I saw in my dream that she was sittiing beside me in my car and chatting sweetly with me. Next morning, to my utter surprise, i saw her waiting for a bus on the road. i offered lift in my car which she accepted and i got opportunity to talk to her and drive up to her office. Here i am telling that our time schedules of office were different, hence even coincidence was not possible, but that fine day she was late for her office due to some unavoidable circumstances. It was amazing.

I have so many other small examples like this to mention, which do not effect my life altogether but i like this kind of dream intutions.

Now what i want to know is that do we have any field of study available as on date where people can study about dreams, intution and coincidents? I interested know about the reasoning behind.

same thing. fairly fecken often too. never had that car crash outer body thing though... look if 10 per cent of the rest of ye who have responded to this arent talking through your arses there must be something in it. Is there any reason behind it or is it a passive sense? i remember getting onto 2 big shots before because i had a dream that was so accurate it scared the **** outta me. i can't remember it specifically now but i remember the emotion. i never took a dream diary because i always thought it would be a bit quare. anyways they got back to me and were trying to get me to buy a fecken book so i called bullshit. some american ape enthusiast... anyways anyone know any information on it that isn't **** talk

Hello, I go through the same thing everyday. I love it yet some days are horrible.

Hi i am 13 about to be 14 and i also have this i dream about not so important stuff it has been like this since i was young (maybe 10 or 11) please help

Hello I have same issue !!!!!!!!! Varinder

Happens to me too. I have been having this since many years but very hard to explain to people that its true. I actually landed into this article mainly because I starting to google if there is anyone who has similar experience and I am glad there are. Its often not important things like others are saying here but I am really taken away by the fact that we can dream about things which come true next day. Just hope that I can dream only about good things!

This happens to me too its always happened and i don't know why just like you its just little things though

hey this happens to me too , but i dream about very important things
i dreamed about my father's car accident and it happened the next day, my father died on that accident, i really hate this sixth sense
i'm happy that i found other people who share the same sense with me

ya...i have similar experiences.i dream of some not so important things and they come true the next day! it is not a pleasant feeling.. maybe its coz of a strong sixth sense.

wow i thought i was the only one who had them sort of dreams. but i have to say its good to know that some one else has these dreams. and yes it realy does feel like dejavu, its sceary but it makes me think about my life alot more than what i used to.

i have little non- important things happen in my dream that happened the next day, this has only happened to me 2 times. last night i had dream that my sister in laws created multiple user accounts on my computer and this morning there were 2 new user accounts. little pointless things like that. its so weird. but i heard that while we sleep we have the ability to use some of the rest of our brain. so maybe that might have something to do with it, i doubt i am physic.

i experience the same thing but a little longer and i dream the important things also... O and one more thing in the day time there is a voice in my head that tells me wats gnna happened also and tell me things that are never wrong...

where can i get hold of the book of Edward Casey about "the Grid"? i am very interested in getting to know more about it.<br />
thank you also for your comments. it helps to know i am not the only one!

This also happened to me... Wonder what it is...

We have the same thing happening. I believe that what we are experiencing is our subconcious mind viewing "The Grid" Edward Casey explained that all of his predictions of the future came from being able to tap into the subconcious connection of everything. He said there was something like a book of records being past present and future. Maybe all prophets look into these records in order to get some of them right. Casey also stated that he believed anyone coud do it as long as they were doing it without greed or self interest being the motivation. I think it's a naturally human charecteristic.