Making And Keeping Friends

when i was 12, i met my best friend at school. she's still my best friend today and although we got into a nice little group of friends in secondary school, we've all kind of drifted apart since we all went to different colleges afterwards. we still keep in contact through facebook but rarely see each other. we went to school in another town and both of us didnt really bother to keep in touch with people from primary school with the result that we don't really hang out with anyone else in our town so we spend most of our time together. i love her to bits but im also aware that its not healthy to depend on one person so ive tried makin friends in college and although i have a group who i will go to classes and eat lunch with, we rarely do anything outside of class and i feel like i make the most effort to keep in touch when we're not in term time. it kind of makes me feel like they don't want me as a friend, even though i don't feel that way when i'm with them. it also worries me because my best friend is due to go to college abroad in september and i'm afraid i'm going to be so lonely then :S:S why cant i make, and KEEP, friends???

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

i think you should do whatever you think would be the best for the both of you