It's like being a mime or a mute trapped in a box. Where nobody can hear your screams. But now, it doesn't feel so bad. Because it doesn't matter if other people hear me at first. I know some people hear me, and I hear them...But the most important thing is that we learn.

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Dorothyofoz - I am sorry you're so unheard! *hugs*<br />
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kdangelwings - I think the key is to care less and to talk to people who want to listen. Also post a lot on EP, I been getting lots of comments lately. It makes me feel more heard.

I say way too often in my house "Why do I even bother talking at all - no one listens anyway" - and I'm an extrovert - it is sending me over the edge!

ChampaBlend - I know what you mean. I hate group conversations. I only like one on one conversations because then the attention just goes back and forth between us instead of people ignoring me entirely. Groups have never been my thing either.

I sometimes feel that way too...and I think that I've felt like this my entire life...Like if I'm in a group and I start to talk its like the focus of the group immediately shifts away from me...that doesn't always happen...actually it doesn't happen a whole lot now because I've met some folks that are just as geeked out as I am...not like tweaked or anything...but sometimes I feel like I have something really really important to share within a group and it doesn't get heard<br />
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but that's why I prefer to hang out with one or two people at a time...because i like to really talk to people...i like to really get to know people...i like to hear them talk about their more profound experiences and i like to share mine...idk...groups just aren't my thing...not enough room to really get to know people