To Comment Or Not to Comment?

I have felt ignored most of my life.  I feel that most of what I say is disregarded and then when something happens/goes wrong that I tried to talk about, people look at me like: why didn't you speak up?  Hello!! I did, you just choose to ignore me.  For this reason I came to EP.

 Now I find that I often feel ignored when I confess on the confession board.  I occasionally will get a few responses, maybe 4 tops.  It can be expecially disheartening when you bear your soul and get 1 response and then a confession about chapped lips  or the fact that it is snowing gets 15or 20 replies.  Not saying that there is anything with those confessions it's just that they seem more like statements rather than confessions.  Let me also add that it really saddens me to read an extemely heartfelt and agonizing confession from someone and see that no one has responded.  I do my best to respond to those types of posts even if I am not sure what to say. I do admit that if the confession is longer than this story I have a problem getting through it. 

I have been on EP for a few months now and have seen people come and go.  It seems like most anything, people come here intriguied and when the novelty wears off, they move on.  I can understand this, but I will say as a person who finds it hard to make new friends, it can be rough when you new friends drop off one by one.  I realize that peoples interests will change and that in general the EP community isn't ignoring me, but somedays it's hard to shake that feeling.

Thanks for letting me share .

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I feel this way often.

Stup-<br />
This really is a wonderful site.... you are somebody! Hopefully you will connect and "feel the love" soon!!

I agree with you. I often feel this way. I will be saying something in a group and people will just talk over me sometimes. It sucks but I am beginning to like this site. I hope it will make me feel like somebody!

Well hell girlie! Had I been around here in Feb. I would have acknowledged you! Just like now... I acknowledge you... Hell, I bug you.. who are we kidding?? LOL!<br />
I'm sorry you felt or feel ignored... I have felt the same way.. especially these last couple of months. I guess that's what happens when kids become teens. <br />
I have some friends, one in particular I am thinking of, that I call often and try to get a day to see her, but it is always the same, I'll call ya back.. and that doesn't happen. It makes me sad, but... what can I do? <br />
You know what I do when I'm sad? Guess!!! .... <br />

I'm very new here but I've noticed that also. Some of the most heartfelt stories get little attention. I'm not sure why that happens but I think maybe making friends with people on this site that care may be the answer. I intend to comment when I can. Thanks.

Great story I agree with you..

Thanks darkknight for stopping by!

Alan and Trans- thanks for taking time to read my thoughts.

Hi i like ur story and i can relate that ... I mean yah its so funny how u can put something about u want sex or something or u want to go party with ur friends or something gets more attention than someone who is u know saying something of meaning such as urself ...So yes i see how u feel not heard ...I feel like that everytime i post something here . I find that most people just live for the moment even though everyone says u shud but when u live for the moment;<br />
<br />
Its almost like having add ...U go from one place to the other .I guess cause its mostly a game to many .I think its hard to tell ...Not sure if you exprience this or not but i find that when i get many people who do response...They always respond trying to tell me what i did not do or how i write or whatever eventhough i dont get the write thing alot cause when u read other things i have posted ull see i write sometimes the way i do on purpose cus i like to write in my own way; An not have follow the rules like i'm taking a test or something ... <br />
<br />
Anyway hope u dont feel to ignore like myself...So saving u as a friend but hope u are ok and i totally hear you ...