Who I Am Now, And Who I Want To Be Soon.

I want to get out there and experience stuff in the world. I want to get into trouble and be in danger, make friends and enemies. I feel so shackled by unplaced fear and unease all the time its so stupid and pointless. I sometimes picture the type of person I want to be, or rather who I feel I would've been if I weren't encumbered with anxiety and depression.

My optimum self would be really loud and talkative. I'd be really opinionated too, and persuade people into liking fan fiction and magic the gathering and a game of thrones. The biggest change would be that I'd stop questioning myself at every turn. My knee jerk response to any negative situation wouldn't be turning the blame inwards.

I find it aggravating that I know why I am the way I am, but have no clue how to change it.
SeekingSerendipity SeekingSerendipity
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012