Tired Of Being Alone

I'm tired of feeling alone, I'm tired of feeling left out, I'm tired of pretending, I'm tired of faking it, i want to feel like I belong, I wano feel liktheres another person out there who feels how i feel, who I can belong to, who i can show my scars too, who can acept me and my flaws, who I can trust......... I wan to belong......... I'm tired of being alone
mywristrbleeding2 mywristrbleeding2
13-15, F
3 Responses Mar 23, 2012

So were at California?Do you have a Facebook account?or any social networking sites

So were you from?and how old are you?

Cali 13

He alone is great and happy who requires neither to command nor to obey in order to secure his being of some importance in this world. Im here for you dont worry!

Thank u....... thank u so much