I Was Always Left Out

I was always left out since my childhood. I was always left out in my elementary school.

My sisters had a very fortunate childhood but me. Both of them get to go places with my mom but me, they had a very fortunate elementary school experience like receiving awards and ribbons at the elementary school ceremonies (End of the school year ceremony), having great teachers, succeeding; making alot of friends, freedom, moving to another school in their elementary school years, hanging out with friends, & having sleepovers.

I had no friends my childhood, I had a very unfortunate elementary school experience like failing, never receiving awards and ribbons at the elementary school ceremonies, being with geeks, nerds & freaks all the time; staying at the elementary school that I hate for my 5 elementary school years; dealing with mean teachers& substitute teachers;  no freedom and no sleepovers.

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1 Response May 5, 2012

So sorry to read that but my private school was way bad I never fit it until I stood on my own two feet and let the rest be who they became. Today I own a business and the funny part 2 of those people work for me. They use to call me names everytime I got in trouble along with one other girl me and her found ourselves waiting for the same out come. <br />
Life isn't fair but stand up you are number 1 in my book<br />
Good luck