Lost Love

Hello im a simple man i feel in love with a beautiful women i give her my world i work hard make good money share my everything with her but the instance she dont like something im **** and when she gos places its none of my bussness i love her and she tells me she loves me she works from 12am to 8 am on my only day off and then on sunday she sleeps all day and makes sure to tell me when she wakes up im going out i ask if i can go its no i ask what time she will be home none of ur bizz i love her and she tells meshe loves me tobut comes off like she can get rid of me anytime she wants like her feeling for me are fake
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

??? Look, I'm just a kid and all but i've seen this happen in front of me before and honestly, I think she's cheating on you. She doesn't seem to respect you much if that's how she talks to you and treats you. If you two are married, then I suggest you try to work things out with her but really, if there's no kids involved it may be best to get a divorce before there are. You deserve to be with a beautiful woman who loves you back and treats you with respect. Please, don't let her treat you this way :( if she's just your girlfriend then, again, try to talk it over with her....I'm sorry :/

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