Why Is It....?

Why is it that some people have a seemingly irresistible charm about them that draws others to them no matter what they do? Why is it that some are just the opposite, some decent, honorable, worthy individuals  that are for the most part ignored, overlooked by others as if they don't exist or matter?  I ask these questions because I am of the latter group.  And that bothers me. 

       For example-- many ask questions here on EP , some of the most insane or mundane  questions imaginable and seem to always have answers advanced .I have a track record of have a dismal track record of asking intelligent, thoughtful, sometimes fun questions and I would say 75 % of them go unnoticed, unanswered, even if they are directed to my (supposed) circle of friends.Talk about feeling invisible!!!  :/

      I'm feeling that way, also, in trying to find a job.  I know many are out of work--but give me a break.  Just because I am 60 years old, as far as the jobmarket is concerned--though employers supposedly are not to show discrimination---I have become an invisible man.  And yet I dare to say, that I have the character, discipline, and personality that would make a good employee and would put to shame some of the people I see in stores and other work places that obvilously have no intention to work and are only there to draw a paycheck with as little effort oexpended on their part.  I gripes me that people who need work and are willing to work are displaced, ignored and invisible to the companies, because they have their ranks loaded with  young freeloaders and self-serving twits who have no regard for the customers, nor make their employers proud.

   I'm wondering-- just what does one have to do to just be noticed, to be seen for what they really are?  I'm not asking for any special treatment--I am just asking to be acknowledged and given an opportunity to be a friend, be a good worker, be a voice that is heard and weighed in areana of life.  As proof of my having something to say and having a character that would be respectable, I can point you to my poetry web page, where I have collected a sizable amount od poems that I have written over the years.  The are a window to me and my world, my thoughts, my humor --my being. http://www.poetrypoem.com/poetry1021  is called ECHOES OF THE HEART-- and give you an insight into who I am.  If you go there and see nothing--then I would like to know, what am I doing wrong? Do I deserve to be a nameless, faceless, voiceless being doom and destined forever to be an invisible man, and bonded forever with a band or legion of like souls, struggling to be seen, heard and appreciated for nothing else but who they really are?  If you feel llike you are one of those-- then I ask you to join our ranks here-- where you will be seen, heard and given a voice to at least be acknowldged and not just another invisible nobody! 

Thank you for reading this-- that's a first step, at least for me. God bless you-- as you strive for your own nitche and acknowledgement of your worth as an individual. 

WerkNProcess WerkNProcess
56-60, M
Mar 2, 2010