Sometimes I Feel Like A Loser?

People think im an easy target to blame which i am but why do they just blame it on me when they hardly know me. People dont want to work with me in groups and try to get out the group when i try to work with them they just tell me to shut up and say why do you need an eduacation you don't need a life you weren't made to life a life, im not an horrible person or something im just an nice,queit and shy person. And worse of all i get bullied bad even boys bullie me like punch me in the face kick me in the stomach and WORSE OF ALL trying to get me into an accident so they wont see me in school or even trying to get me exspeled and i have no friends to stick up to me and its hard enough that i can't stick up for myself.
shermc shermc
13-15, F
1 Response May 30, 2012

about the blaming, always stand up for the truth no matter what, even if the bullies would bully you etc. what matters is that you really didnt do anything wrong, always stand up for what is right. about the people who doesnt want to work with you, prove to them that you're not some worthless kind of person, or even if you are a worthless person, dont stay pathetic forever, force yourself to improve and become a better person so that people will admire you instead, about the bullies, if i were you, stay away from them as much as possible, also, have alot of good principles morals etc. because believe me, even bullies somewhat get guilty over the bad things they do, theyl stop in the end, also, try working out, or learning martial arts or something, it might get helpfull someday, and, stay as a nice person, do things with more reason, keep up the good morals etc, and be friendly, dont be so weird, because people tend to avoid weird ones, *especially in western countries* and dont be scared at anything at all, fear is nothing but a hindrance in life, stick up for what is right, and most of all, pray to god, believe me, it helps,,,,,,, dont try to overdo things, i used to be a bully back then, and its a bit fun making fun of people, thats why bullies cant stop bullying, then i changed, because a good guy, then people bullied me, and before summer break, i beat the crap out of them, and so i changed school.

ow gosh!! your a girl!! hahaha, i tot u were a guy, sorry about the boyish advices, eheehe, and i tot you were older than me, and you are 13-15, your still young, another advice, i might sound like your dad or something but, make sure you dont get a boyfriend in your teens. its very troublesome