Everyone Calls Me A Witch Because I Am Abandoned

I suffer from mental illness, and no one wants to be around the mentally ill.  Everybody in my neighborhood knows and they have abandoned me.  People here call me a witch, so I joined some pagan websites to find out why they do and what witches are like.  Some people in my neighborhood torment me by saying I should give up and go into a mental hospital.  They pray that I will get sick and go to the crisis center.  They torment me and call me a witch.  Many of the men have sexually harassed me to the point where I don't even want sex anymore.  The ones who want me in the hospital use spyware on my computer and spread rumors all around about everything I do.  They have never been in here but they say I stink and that my apartment stinks.  My family never calls or answers my phone calls or messages.  The only people I have are people who hate me for being mentally ill and having accomplished so much.  I am a writer of five books and a Reverend Doctor, and they are envious and hateful toward me.  They continually say that I am alone in the world, and that is why they call me a witch.  The truth is that some of Wicca I like; but I don't consider myself the type to burn a lot of candles and do a lot of ceremonies.  I am not a magician.  I wonder if Jesus cares about me at all the way my life is.  The ones who pray for me to be sick are his followers. I have come to not wanting to be bothered with people. That is my story.
DocHoward DocHoward
1 Response Jul 24, 2010

You say your suffer from mental illness. What type, there are so many. People who call you a witch are just mean people and don't understand. Do you do weird things outside the house or do they think you are just crazy and scary? Most people are just afraid because they don't understand what you think and what you feel.