Invisible And All Alone ,no One Understands

well some times i feel like I'm only here to be the shoulder to cry on , the scapegoat, the worker, the unwanted, extra, lifeless,invisible ,  and the odd man out .
at home my mom would comfort my sister for the little things and be there for her but wen it comes to me shes like a hollow, heartless,she becomes a I'm giving up SO much for u be grateful type of people. and tells me to man up and stop crying.if something happens its me who gets yelled at and not my sister . i clean and wash and help and occasionally cook and plus my school work and anything else . They don't see That I'm hurting and Trying to hold the fort down all the time but they don't seem to if she has a cut they would go to me and ground me without letting me talk . if we fight they listen to her and say we've heard enough without letting me explain .they say I'm the worst and I'm not thinking of her and i need to behave to rethink myself like I'm five but they don't realize what they are doing. at school i feel different from my friends , they would take a table without realizing or even ASKING the kid they take it from;how they would feel i don't like being that person. and if i go apologize to the kid they think I'm ditching them or I'm mad at them . i don't like it wen they make fun of them or bully them. I'm all alone in my life . and i don't have any were to go to not at home or at school . some times i feel like I'm going to explode  

thanks ,
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Same here..

i dont know if you will read this or if this is still relavent, but i hope this will reach someone. i am going thruogh the same thing and i bet alot of others do too. i have felt this way for a long time and in the long years of thought i have reached a personal coclusion. (i am agnostic so please do not relate my words to any kind of god). the best way i can describe what i think is through a metaphore. humanity has fallen into an emotional darkness where non matters but the individual itself, that is why you see so much injustice and feel out of place. because you are! out of place. you are one of the lucky/unlucky few who had not lost their humanity. i often feel like im the only good person left, that is partly true. in a world full of darkness that left humanity blind, we are full of light. saddly this is something no one can see but you. the important thing is that you have a choice: use your "gift" to enlighten others or sit idly by and sink in despair. none of the choices is easy and you will likely fail often but i have found a certain comfort in believing that i could make i change if only to one person. (again none of the above is related to any god and are not to be taken literally). also finding love, true love, helps ease the pain. one last thing, never ever ever think "ending it" is the right way, by doing that you will only become that which you despise. i want to tell you everything will be o.k. but i truly do not know if it will, i can only hope. remember the internet gave us a connection to people worldwide, search for those like you and seek their help and know: you are not alone!

just remain strong - everything will be fine :)

I'm going through a similiar situation!!!



hey..i can totally understand the way you feel.....i'm going through the same thing you strong :D