I Just Can't Deal With This Being My Life Anymore

I am young with a daughter, and I am with a man whose love I am unsure of, I am living with his family, who all do nothing but play video games.  His parents have a set of twins of their own, and and my boyfriend and I help with the babies.  I have no job, I can't find any job, and neither can he, I am all alone, I have no one to run to and I can't stand it.  My heart breaks everyday as I cope with the fact that I am a teen mom, and am doing nothing with my life.  I wouldn't have left college if I knew that I was pregnant, I wouldn't have ended any chance to do anything productive with my life if I had just known, but I didn't and now, I am living with people that I feel no bond with except for my daughter, and I just have nobody. Valentine's Day was also our 3 year anniversary and I sitting all alone while he is playing video games.  What a life to have.  I can't live like this anymore.  

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You are very young. Lots of other teen moms go back to school and you should, too. Actually, you must: You sound as if you want a chance at a real life, meaningful work and an income that will allow you and your daughter an independent life. You will not find that with the videogame clan and your indifferent boyfriend. <br />
Make a plan, go back to the college, look into financial aid,scholarship and/or loans: the investment in your future will be worth it. There no perfect time to do this, so don't wait for it.<br />
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I'll repeat: there is no perfect time to do this, so don't wait for it. The older your daughter grows and the longer you are out of school the harder it will be to return. I speak from sad experience. I would give anything if someone had said this to me when I was 19, so I am saying it to you. <br />
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Best of luck, no scratch that: Hold fast to your courage and make your own luck. You are young and can still have a beautiful life.

at least you have somebody. I have nobody. my life sucks. sometimes i wish it would just end...

Give it time. I hope things are going better for you. (hugs)

hey i feel you ay im not a mum but i live wid my partner and his family and he is addicted to facebook and its breaking us up he constintly tlks to girls and chats em up 24/7.... we both dont have jobs eitheer..... weel on valentines day he was in prison ay i didnt even get to see him

You're not alone. I know I could never posibly understand what you're going through but I do know life can be rough. I'm sure things will work out if you just keep trying. Keep looking and you will find a job. Things may seem too dificult to handle right now and you may feel all alone but when your daughter grows up she will admire your strength and she will be a better person for your sacrifices. Keep on fighting and you will pull through, I promise.