It's So Hard

Some days, it's hard to breathe. There will be nights or mornings when I go to sleep and I think 'I'm not going to want to wake up later' but then I do, and I still feel like I don't want to wake up. Other days I'll go to bed feeling like that, and I will wake up after a great dream and I feel so refreshed...Today is one of those days where I rather be still asleep. Sometimes life feels easier if you just sleep it all away. I've slept away more than half of my life, and I know it. Part of me doesn't even care.
LylaRocks LylaRocks
26-30, F
3 Responses Aug 6, 2010

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I've been through so many things, more things than you can imagine. I was the same exact way, I'd cry myself to sleep asking god to just take me away from here, but then I found my best friend and when I told him I was going to commit suicide he cried and told me no, because without me he couldn't make it in this world. Were not friends anymore, but I know theres someone out there kinda like him who will love me way more and sometimes its not always about you its about the people around you, the ones you have to live for. Thanks to that friend he taught me happiness, how to be independent, how to be strong, how to be wise, and most of all how to live!! Wake up with a more determined attitude and I'm sure theres someone in this world your living for don't let them see you unhappy because what example is that to set for them! Being happy means everything in life don't bury your past just learn from it.... and don't turn to medicine no offense anto815 theres just so many bad things in medicine and theres always the chance of addiction!

Hello...I feel for you and believe me your not alone. There so many sights that might help. Maybe you should talk to someone about your feelings. Maybe you should be on medicine. Life is too short. I wish you all the best...Anto815