I Hate My Dad

My dad does a very important job at Mortar Traffic Department. He earns my family a living and keeps us all rich handed. but i feel like he never loves me. my mother says that my father loves me the most from this whole wide world. but how can i believe what she says?
my one and only dream is to become a popular singer. so once i went to a class for vocal training lessons, after i came home being unable to find where the class was, i cried a real lot infront of my mom. she felt sorry for me but it didn't do any help. My dad heard me crying from downstairs, so he came running to my room and started hitting me. i cried more and more. one of his friends' at last came and said him to not hit me and cooled him down. it was very embarrassing. i dont't care about anything now. i just want to DIE
13-15, F
May 11, 2012