I Am Often Tired Of Living But I Do Still Have A Shred Of Hope

I live in Canada for one its not a bad country to live in... I can understand if you live near gangs and constant violence.. I suggest you move if you do... go somewhere in nature to try and get by and well just be yourself.. do things for YOU stop doing things for everyone else if they don't appreciate it. this is your life path not theirs. you run the show not them! this is an illusion .. your illusion... only you can affect it. just think like that and you'll probably have more hope than you had yesterday.. y es i do have my downs(plummet even) in fact I just got up from bed at 5pm thinking the same things everyone here is and feeling hopeless but it seems to come with sunset.. also seasonal changes is a big time trigger.. also being stagnant and not doing anything does seem to be a giant trigger. just keep moving keep doing keep smelling the outdoor air get away from all the other people's mind chatter, heck help someone on the way. give yourself a purpose. I am not at all well off if anything i am just lucky I am not on the street and that my folks haven't kicked me out yet.. I have to do most of their chores.. heck they even tried to trick me into cleaning up an ant infestation(in their kitchen) and i put my foot down and said NO!! get an exterminator !!GRRR!! everyone else i knew agreed with me.
StarLioness StarLioness
31-35, F
Sep 14, 2012