Maybe it's because my life hasn't turned out the way I imagined it would when I was little, but I often feel like I'm in a living dream. Not necessarily a pleasant one either. Sometimes I feel like I'm detached from reality and I'm sitting on a cloud somewhere observing everyone. I never really feel like I'm actually participating in...any of this.

The right music, literature, or film can help intensify this perception, as can the right dream. Sometimes I wake up from a really fantastical dream and it feels like I've only walked into another one.

This self perceived dreamlike reality becomes especially true when you lose someone close to you. Last summer my father passed away and almost everyday since then has felt fictitious, a cruel joke that someone or something is playing on me. You go through everyday waiting to wake up, but you never do. You just have to learn to adjust.

Who knows though, maybe when this is all said and done we'll find that life really was a dream. And we'll wake up to dream another.

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I have always had fantasticly vivid dreams. I remember a horrifying nightmare from when I was five, but tonight I had such a surreal and lasting feeling from a dream, that I feel as though I may have lived another life in just a couple hours.

I am writing this at 3am and I woke at around 11:30. My dream was of a second vacation to beautiful places. I remember in almost disturbing detail the previous trip. The feeling of actually being there was so strong that in only hours of sleeping I feel fully rested. I wonder if I am alone in the way I percieve this experience. I feel like for a moment, an hour, a life time, I was me but in another life. This was a dream, and I have practiced vivid dreaming (although not in fifteen years) I had such a real sense of that experience that I can't seem to sleep.

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Shift your attention to your inner self and reconnect to reality,, we all need to realise that material things/world just lead to the want for more material things and the more you want the more unhappy we become because we don’t have what we want. the KEY to life is just to try and feel the feelings of happiness and Love as much as possible.. start by thinking about the situations in life that already make you happy and no longer Dwell on what’s wrong with your life and dwell on what is right about your life and all the pieces will fit into place :)

Your life hasn't turned out the way you wanted it to?<br />
<br />
I'm rather surprised that someone who is between 18-21 says this. I do not wish to make light of your situation, because it does not sound like it's easy for you. But I'm curious. Do you feel like you can not make changes to your life? Do you have dreams that are worth working for until they are reality?<br />
<br />
Are there things in your life that you do not connect with?

Thank you :)