Mr Invisabile

One day, on my way home from school I had an epiphany.
I was riding the bus, sitting alone. I was always a loner, never talkative, always shy. My days were long and coloured grey. I came to the startling realisation that I was invisable. Not a thing that I ever did or ever would do would ever be noticed by anyone. It was not a fleeting thought either, it was further reinforced when I struck the button that chimed the bell that signalled that I would like to disembark the bus. The bell tolled, yet the driver kept on driving. I stood and approached the front of the bus, yet the driver seemed oblivious to my presence. I struck the button near the door, and still he did not acknowledge my presence. I stood near his seat, glowering and was about to speak, when suddenly and without warning, he wrenched the bus to the side of the road whilst stopping almost immediatley. I was flung onto the folding exit door with a loud Thud! I was embarrassed, yet needent have been, for when I looked back down the aisles of bench seats, I saw that no one had noticed. In that instant, the door folded open with a pitched screech, jamming my hand between it and the stairwell. Alarm and panic never made it to my thoughts however, for as I looked up I saw an angel, one of the most beautiful girls in our school nimbly pick her way along the aisle and fast approaching me. She reached the driver and thanked him but as she turned towards the door, towards me, I watched her eyes as they glazed over and felt her draft as she pushed on by. I wrenched my hand free and exited the bus post haste knowing now that I was right, that I was indeed invisabile. I stepped down from the bus onto the road's shoulder. I watched the door close yet the sound was distant. Two lanes of cars, North and South raged past in pre-peak hour rage, yet I could only hear a vague washed out drone. The aluminium bus siding slid past within a foot of my face and it's burning exhaust enshrowded my form in a haze of eye watering fumes. As it departed I felt my soul depart also. I was on the verge of something profound. I walked forward one, two, three paces. Everything was silent in front of my eyes, like guppies sleuthing behind the glass of a fish tank. Four paces, five paces.....

Some people let you go by unnoticed.

Six paces..

Some people choose not to see you..

Seven paces..

..and others still will deny having seen you even when you've looked them in the eye.

Eight paces..

..some people will wish that they never did notice you..


..and sometimes, we wish we were really invisabile.

MrNotReallySerious MrNotReallySerious
31-35, M
2 Responses May 9, 2012

most of the time i does get the invisible treatment, the only time i dont be invisible is when i know something eg; computers or other simple things.... instead i reject them by saying " i am busy at the moment " or " i doing something for my mother lol... and dont worry God with you

Wow. Nice writing. Thank you for sharing.

You're welcome :)