lately i forget the day of the week a lot because i am not working and because i am always home and never engaged with anybody...i remember when i was studying and during the holidays how this used to be a nice feeling. coz it never needed to be a monday when you were on holiday. everyday felt like a friday, saturday and sunday. now that same feeling isn't exactly that same feeling. it's a gnawing feeling instead. a socially incompetent and irresponsible feeling....it shouldn't be like this. i am experiencing a suffocating monotony that is paralyzing me. today i can't quite remember if it's tuesday or wednesday. it's a mixture of apathy and denial.....bf.
TheRealMimi TheRealMimi
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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

I know the feeling -- life can be very difficult when you're not working (or it can be wonderful if you've got a lot of money and fiends). Time can seem to drag on and on.

I have been through some really terrible times in life (and some terribly wonderful times as well).

I recommend doing 3 things to start feeling better :

1. take up a hobby (reading, fishing, swimming, anything)

2. set a few goals every week and force yourself to do them (simple goals like apply for jobs, apply for food stamps / medical assistance, clean up around the house)

3. go for long walks... and talk to people you run into on these walks....

Remember to appreciate your life and the Earh as it is. You are still alive, life will one day end. This is a good thing, as it makes life worth appreciating. Take risks. Live wild.

Stay alive, all things will change around :)