I Am The Last Innocent

I've never lied. It's true. Even though we don't know each other very well, you know that you can trust me.

What happened was, I was walking to the shops to buy groceries for the fortnight, when I was robbed by a much bigger man.

I was very upset when I walked back home, until I picked up an envelope on the ground. Inside the envelope were what looked like to be four Communion wafers. I closed the envelope and flipped it over and found a title. It read: "Paul". I mean, it had the title of a Saint, a saint I was named after.

Curious, I reopened the envelope and picked out one of the wafers. It had a dried, irrulular surface- like a vynal imitation leather jacket , I brought it to my nose, I breathed in and could smell the very walls of the old Abbey, the dusty chaff of old Bibles on pews, the powdery fumes of burning candles. I looked at it for a second,  and a wave of thoughts filled my mind. I thought about God and Jesus and the Promised lands of Palestine.

I took it as a sign. I placed the wafer on my tongue. It had a really astringent taste and made my eyes water and burn.

I faded into the universe and was at once of one with God. We had a conversation and he assured me that even though I failed to get the shopping done on account of being bullied into giving up all my money; and even though my mind will be irrecovibly scarred for being in the presence of God Itself; I was still in his good books and I would be forgiven by those I love..

..Honestly, that is why I looked stoned, have no money and didn't buy any food.

MrNotReallySerious MrNotReallySerious
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2 Responses May 25, 2012


lol, hey dude, did write this WHILE you were stoned, or it's all just a story? :-p