Short Panic Pains...

Once in a while, no matter how good my day turns out, I end up with a feeling in my stomach that something is wrong.  You know, like when you are a kid and you know you are in trouble and your stomach feels like there is a weight in it?  Even when I know something isn't wrong, I get that feeling.  I hate it because I don't know what it is and why it is there and how to vent it out.  It feels like a big ball of mixed feelings stirring in the pit of my stomach.  Sometimes, when I get like this, my chest starts to hurt and I am not sure if these are panic attacks or if it has something to do with emotional stuff.
hobbitt192002 hobbitt192002
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1 Response Aug 9, 2007

I know only too well how this feels!! Before I moved here I was like that everyday.. always waiting for the 'shoe to drop' and living with My stomach constantly knotted up with tension. Chest pains are part of panic attacks.. I have a heart condition so get chest pains anyway, but also get them when feeling overly anxious like you do. I hate not knowing whats causing the anxiety too.. its horrible *hugs*