For Days and Days!

Once I get a cool or funny tune in my head, it sticks there for many days, sometimes for two weeks straight! Yes, it can be annoying! But mostly, it's just strange! Case in point... I plan on getting the movie Tenacious D on dvd soon. I saw the clip of Kickapoo on youtube. The song is stuck in my head, with all of it's F-bombs in it! XD

And for three days now, I've been singing it non-stop. Trying to keep quiet with it, so I will not horrify my mother! Even right now, I'm thinking of the lyrics... which I will clean up: "Tis I who freaked the dragon. Freak-alaa, sing freak-aloo. And if you try to freak with me, than I shall freak you too! Gotta get it on, in the dragon zone! Got a lick a toad in the dragon zone..." I gotta stop there, because I don't know how to clean up the rest! =p

But yes... this is the song I woke up with too. I grumbled, headed for the bathroom, as I was brushing my teeth... I belted out, "And I shall freak you too!" I hope my mother didn't hear! XD

But, this is the latest... I know it will be something else, next week. =p

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1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Now im listening to Just hold me by Maria mena..all time