Finals And People

As if finals week wasn't stressful enough!!!
I was in two group projects, and it was one of those group projects where the teacher picks what group your in. My first group was for my Theater 101 class and we had to put together a play for class. We were put into groups at the beginning of the semester, and since no one did any thing for the first mount and a half, I decided to because and director and playwright of our play. It took me weeks to get everyone to show up for practice, but we were finally making progress. Than my brother passes away and I had to miss the week of class before Thanksgiving break. I came back from break to find out that my sound guy had taken it upon himself to become the director. He also changed the theatrical from of the play from satire to theater of the absurd. I wrote the play to be a satire and only a satire. I saw no point in arguing and let them continue with the play; they were, after all, finally showing up to practice. The play ended up being okay... if it was still a satire. We where graded on our theatrical form an ended up getting 120 out of 400 points taken away from our grade.
My other group is for my research psychology 255 class. They have showed up 30 minutes late for the few meetings they showed up for and never have done any work. We had to make a poster and write a 20 page research paper for our final. Their reason for not showing up was because they didn't know how to do it! I would show them if they showed up! I ended up doing the poster by my self and it looks like I'm writing that 20 page paper tonight.... TT_TT
CrazyWhiteMage CrazyWhiteMage
18-21, F
Dec 5, 2012