Its Like, Expecting The Unexpected.

I dont understand it really. Aside from hindsight, there's no real purpose or logic as to why my brain always produces these scenarios. Where ever I go, whom ever I'm with, I will always, but briefly, imagine someone around me is going to be in an accident.

Majority of the time, its me who's involved in an accident, mainly while I drive too. I dont know the psychology behind it, whether I'm some twisted individual who see's death around every corner or I'm just overly aware of my vitality at any given moment. I dont picture gory massacre's with a smile on my face, no. I picture plausible accidents that I want to avoid or help prevent if possible. If I'm driving on the freeway, and there is a semi truck infront of me... I picture it crashing and then I picture myself driving into it and well, death ensues. So I respond by slowing down, maybe changing lanes... I dont know why I find it necessary to take these precautions or be aware of these incidents. I'm really not this paranoid. I just dont want an accident to happen because I dont trust other people out there.

Maybe I've been traumatized by too many movies and their "tragic accidents" that create such a long lasting impression on people's psyche. I'm not sure. I'm simply wondering if its a health issue that I should be aware of. I could be cooking and then as I reach for the silverware drawer I suddenly imagine an earthquake happening to which I would respond by trying to figure out which would be the safest route to take.

I'm not worried I'm going to die soon, I simply think its better to be prepared than to be sorry. Its sometimes ridiculous, and it inhibits my enjoyment of my trips....and or outings with my friends and loved ones.
Shatteredboy Shatteredboy
26-30, M
Jan 19, 2013