False Hope...

I often think of her.I often think what would I do if I were to see her and she would remember who I was.It was in elementary school was when I first laid eyes upon her even though some say children can not love I wonder what was the feeling I felt when I was young though we talked I had no courage to tell her that I liked her after a year she asked me and as a result of my cowardliness i lied but I thought of it and waited all summer to see her again but she did not come back for the next last year and thus ended my first encounter.Since then I could not keep my mind off of her till I saw her on the bus not certain I called her name before getting off in my middle school years and she looked at me confused it was her I regret the thought I could have spoke with her but what is one to do but to move on right...well entering my high school years I met a girl with a similar set of eyes so beautiful yet kindred of course it was infatuation for the fact she had a part of my long awaited love it was not until I graduated that I made my third and last encounter online it was then my heart skipped and my anticipation of asking her out was just going to be a bust for she had forgotten who I was which I thought to myself there is not point and thus she never got online and eventually disappeared I was kinda saddened but I though was it fate that brought me to her again giving me chance I will never know and I probably will never meet her again but I will never forget her birthday,her voice,her beautiful face,and for that i am doomed to living knowing i long for a person that does not even know that I exist thinking of her everyday,dreaming,dreaming,and dreaming that one day fate will once again bring her to me one last time.
EctoplasmicShock EctoplasmicShock 18-21, M Nov 4, 2012

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