Over With

I was in love with a man that didn't love me back who took my heart and kick it on the flood. I never knew that love hurt like this. I put my all in to that relationship just to find out about another woman and her baby that is just two months young than my twin boys. What the hell is all I could said because I gave my all to this man and he did me like dis. All I could think about was payback is mys he hurt me I want to hurt him so we start fighting more but I was still help him and than I forgot about it than here this go he stay with her this his girlfriend down he use me aging. Damn so I start talking to other men but this was not help me some move forward and start having sex with one of them because this was not working. So I start praying that he would come back to me . But he never did but I still was helping him just to keep getting hurt over aging damn I wish could do better. So I start praying harder for him to come back to me. But he didn't so I went to work just to get a call from the policy saying they have my child what the hell. So I got in the car and ran home to find out that my family dope off my baby at the house thinking some one was there. Damn my baby was at home for two hours alone tears running down my face I just knew I was going to jail but the only thing I could do was pray to god to fix it and he did that make me realize that I was worrying and praying for the wrong thing. And from now on my kids will be the most important persons in my life.
kylinatkins kylinatkins
May 15, 2012