I have been so silent about almost everything surrounding me for so long that now...when I finally want to tell the world about myself, I am really unsure just what to leave out. There is a part of my brain which just wants to reveal every detail, however sordid or mundane, and another part which thinks I should only say what matters...but...everything matters to me.
I'll often write things that I then censor heavily or remove entirely from blogs and such...things that at the time a part of me thought I should write and post, things which may or may not be entirely true...
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3 Responses Jul 30, 2010

I think I understand where you're coming from. It's like, I want to be truthful and sometimes really precise, but I sometimes have to hold myself back because I realize it could be TMI to someone else...or at least too much to say at once.<br />
Other times, I'll write and post/send something and then wonder if I said too much or if I said something to scare the other person off. <br />
But really, everyone's different. Some people don't share much; other people share a lot. So some people won't understand, but others will and may be the same way.

No, I just tend to forget things.

I can relate very well to all of this except the very last line, 'things which may or may not be entirely true...' Do you like to exaggerate sometimes?:P