Not On a Pity Trip

I've just always wondered if people would really care if I wasn't around anymore. Or if anyone would care if something happened. I've always wondered this since I was little. Maybe it's just my insecurity in myself
Aminik Aminik
31-35, F
13 Responses Dec 13, 2007




u guys are too sweet

I'd miss you!!

Well that's good to know... I guess

of course not! you'd never fit!

Sure u wouldn't want to put me in ur blender with Chanel?

i would miss you times a kabillion!

You're right! I'd like to see my husband clean the house!

Sometimes i feel that way, too. I wonder how my family would react or if life would just carry on. I am sure we would be missed, though...we rule :)

Thanks you are sweet. I really don't know why this has always been on my mind

I know I would miss you on here. You are so sweet!!