Who Would I Miss?

this crosses my mind all the time,  but not till now had i ever thought about it the other way around.  Who would i miss if they were gone?  the answer 1 sister and parents,   in my life im only emotionally attached to 3 people, anyone else could die, and i  wouldnt think twice about it.  I mean ya i might feel bad for a couple days, or reflect back on the past but i wouldnt be that effected.   How can i expect people to miss me, if i myself wouldnt miss them
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2007

I here ya, I think the term for peps like you and I is a "sociopath". It seems to be a matter of degree, however, when weighing the meaning of this diagnosis to "real life social situations".<br />
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I've recently met some older peps that have taken a personal interest in me, and I have to admit that although it makes me nervous, and careful....It's kinda nice to talk honestly with someone.<br />
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what's the worst that could happen by opening up? Maybe they will decide that I'm an evil usurping dickhead, and they'd be right, lol

only 3, all my friends i've either left behind and moved on, or have betrayed me in the past and that broke my emotional attachment to them. I still "hang" with them sometimes, but i see them as mere aquatiances instead of friends