I Won't Be Missed If I Died.

I often wonder if i would be missed. When I was computer-less for four months no one noticed I was gone. No one who followed me on twitter noticed I was gone. No one on facebook or any of the other social networking sites I was on noticed I was gone. In the real world I know I would be missed by three people: my father, my sister and my best friend. But it is a sad state of affairs when I notice that I go through whole weeks without any human contact and when I do talk to people I find I have nothing to talk about because nothing has happened or changed in months because I am unemployed and haven't got the money to do anything. Even if I did have money and did something mind blowingly great who would I tell? Who would care? So I guess what I am saying is that I will not be missed if I died. Heck, I had a heart attack in October and that's when I realised for the first time that no one noticed - and, more ominously, no one cared.
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1 Response Aug 28, 2011

thats horrible, i think i gonna cry. i think u need to try and make people noice u by trying to make some new friends or something or try to get a girlfriend. they are both the kind of people who should care and love u.

Thanks for the suggestions :)