Death.. Would They Even Care?

I'm 16.. Never in my life would I think about dying. Until now. No one cares. My only friend calls me fat.. I feel like if I died no one would care.. Maybe my mom and dad.. But even they would get over it.. It's gotten so bad that I think of ways to end it.. Pills..gun... Idk.. I just want out of here... I can't take the stress.. All the hate.. Basketball is the only thing that is here for me.. Idk what to do anymore... I just can't do this.
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I emphasize with you sis (Female yes? Due to the name?). I too think of ways of ending my life. The depression of humiliating my family and having been born a premature infant has haunted me for the rest of my life. But listen hun, the gun...the pills...the whatever means of use you going to use to commit suicide isn't the way out. At the end of the day, life sucks but we have a chance to change that. Your 16? Your the next generation. You can show the former generation that the youth can make a difference. And if your only friend calls you fat then what the **** kinda friend is he and/or she?

Don't commit suicide. You have a whole life ahead of you. Take charge of it like a bull taking charge at a red sheet. Suicide is a long term solution to a short term problem.

Take care, God bless, and may the Tao be with you.


You now have a;)

Hi I'm 16 too. I felt this way for so long. I dropped my toxic friendships {my "friends" would always brag & go on power trips to make me feel useless} and I learned to be my own best friend. I feel much more fulfilled when I am doing things by myself. Trust me someone would miss you. I don't know you but believe me you are in my prayers. Chin up & don't get down k? A song that really helped me thru my darkest moments was "Lithium" by Evanescense... Give it a lisen trust me you'll feel better. *cyberhug*<br />

Being your age is the first disadvantage you have, lol. At 16 everything tends to get pretty magnified. I just read this and you are the first person I've ever responded to in this forum. Just joined today. But your pain is well-expressed and I get it and felt like maybe someone just reminding you of how long life can be ought to take a swing at cheering you up. I'm an official old fart who also loves basketball and who played it in high school. It's a terrific game and one that you can play forever, believe it or not.<br />
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You CAN "do this" - don't be so hard in yourself. If you learn to give yourself some room, you;ll find yourself with more friends and more meaningful events to get around to attending. Lacking confidence is not new - we all hit that at some point, believe you me. Being hard on yourself can go from inspiring you to depressing you - it's not a Universal cure. Be the good person you are.