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Fake a Funeral?

I know the most HORRID stunt one could pull is fake their own death or funeral, but I find it an interresting contemplation! This is also a perfect way to find out who liked ya, who's hypocritical, and who wants your worldly possessions! lol. My family is SO jipped there! Who would cry and grieve? Who would celebrate? Who would be too busy to bother seeing you one last time?

Then again, when everyone found out it was a farce... the funeral home might be EMPTY on your second death!


emerald emerald 36-40, F 3 Responses May 22, 2008

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Memo: Make sure Mama is on the plans! :O<br />
Thanks Lucy!

Indeed Mello! A REAL OOps Moment! lol

LOL, PT. I know a guy that tried to stage a car accident by running the car over a deep ravine... with himself in it surrounded by PILLOWS! The pillows DIDN'T work! He was severely banged up, and his attempt was discovered! I "think" he was attempting insurance fraud by totaling the car, if memory serves right.