3 Seconds Away From Death...

I was driving my Volkswagen Jetta (manual transition) with my dad in the passenger seat. He suddenly tells me to turn from the 3 lane street into a small back lane. I slow down and prepare to stop. For some reason i thought he told me to go. and since questioning him is almost always a ticket to the back seat for me I don't stop but cross the 3 lanes and drive into the narrow street. Except there were cars coming. As i was crossing the first lane noticed a blue Pontiac coming at about 70km/h, it was about 10m away when my car's rear just left the first lane. The stream of cars that just started going from the previous green light was about 50m behind the blue Pontiac. Since i didn't come to a full stop i shifted into second gear, and crossed the 3 lanes and turned into the street.

After i was on the street by dad asked me "do you realize what you've just done?" at first i was confused. but seeing his expression i became concerned. It was an expression that displayed shock, fear, disbelief and disappointment all at the same time. Fear came over me like a dark cloud. He didn't yell, swear, scream or anything. He just talked in a calm but disbelieving voice. He said "If the car didn't catch the second gear and died on you, we would have been dead, your mother would be alone. We would be a pile of ground meat on the pavement in between a bunch of scrap metal. How do you think she would feel when the police would come to the door and tell her that we've died in a car crash?" he continued speculating like that for at least 30 minutes. Honestly i expected swearing, yelling anything but this somber tone. I think it would have been easier to... do something with. I must admit I'm in shock... i was near to tears... yet i didn't cry not in front o him... I think he doesn't realize just how much it's impacted me. When we got home he showed me videos of car crashes... i didn't want to watch... i've seen the same and worse images in my head while he was talking... 3 seconds away from death... God there's only one question on my mind... "How am I and my dad alive?"
ciapcia ciapcia
18-21, F
Sep 21, 2012