I Am Sick Of Living

I hate my life. I hate this world. I am sick of the madness. There is nothing in this world worth living for. I wish God would strike me dead. I am sick of it. No work to go to. No one to talk to. I wish I was dead. I think God is punshing my spirt just to be here. Why should I go through this mental anguish. People say look for hope. I see nothing but a abyss of misery. I just want to die. I am a useless person. Stuck on this rock of hell spinning through hell. I wake up in hell. I am not mad at God I just want to leave. My soul is caged to this body. It is trapped in this world. I would be happy off dead.
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I hope you feel better. A new year, new chances!
I don't really get why you want to be dead. God has made you with a purpose. Wishing you were dead, isn't your goal. He has something great in mind with your life, even though we don't know what that is.

You feel alone, you say? You feel bad and you feel like you're the only one? Well, you're not! There are tons of people that feel the same way you do! I felt like that for a while, but I realised something: When you've hit rock bottem, the only way left, is up. Things will get better, eventually.

I've been bullied, I've been made fun of, I've been betrayed by my 'friends.', I felt soooo bad! But, I kept going on. I knew things would change, and they did. I've never understand why God put me through that, but I think I do know now: I know what it feels like to be alone, so I can help other people. there are lonely persons in my class and because I can relate to them, I can help them by just being there for them.

I know nobody was there for me when I needed someone. But my goal now is: be the person that I needed and that nobody was for me. I can't change my past, but I can make a difference in the present to change the future of my classmates.

Perhaps you can do it too? You have much experience and there are people looking for someone, just like you! You can feel bad about your life, but you can also take matters into your own hands and change it! You are in control, not the depression!

I hope you are allright. I'll pray for you. Keep holding on!

I feel the same way. I have never believed in God, but since feeling this way, I've been praying everynight to God to kill me in my sleep. I wish I could just go to sleep and never wake up. I want to commit suicide, but I'm so scared to. I'm scared it won't work and damage me permanately. I'm scared I'll hurt my family, even though half the time Im sure they hate me. I'm scared of whats beyond death. I just wish I could melt. Better yet, I wish I had never been born.

You really do sound unhappy there must be a cause to this. I feel the same as u sometimes but not everyday! When those thoughts come though they r not good!x I empathise with you and I hope you can get through this time on your life xx

There are times in life when we feel we have nothing. But then out of no where something good no matter how small or big will pop up or happen. Without the bad there would be no good. My fiancee committed suicide a few months ago..
Theres always someone that cares and theres always someone that you need to be alive to help or look after also...
take care