My scars are so ugly. I hate them. Guys if any of you are cutting yourself please stop now, cry it out instead of cutting find a stupid little thing to do that will distract you cause im promiseeeee you will regret it. I wouldnt have believed that if i told myself a year ago. I infact loved making scars in my body and watching blood and everything. Sometimes when i was done i would take pictures of them and just stare at it then delete it quickly. I loved having them. I know how you feel that way and you prob. Wont listen but pleaseee if your cutting stop. Cause i have all these scars now and i hate. Them. So. Much. I want them all to dissappear i feel like they make me look weak and stupid and i would have never thought id feel this way. And you never know if your gonna feel that way. Please take my advice and dont cut yourself. I swear its the worst thing to do to yourself. If you need a distraction look up "alternatives to cutting" on google or something or just keep yourself busy.. Yea thats what i have to say
personidk personidk
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2014