The following was a response to a question asking about one reason why I believe in heaven: When I was in high school I drew the same picture of a waterfall with one single big rose next to it on the grass an unknown number of times. You know....just off the top of my head. Now fast forward 18 years later and I read into NDE's and I read more than one story describing what the victims of NDE's saw when they died and came back and they completely matched my drawings. True story! I think this is a fascinating aspect of my reality because I believe that some of the people that I went to high school with have some of these pictures that I drew of the waterfall. I ran into a friend of mine named Misty at Wal-mart a few years back and she said that she still had some and she told me that a few others still had some too, she thought. What stands out the most about all of this is that the rose I drew was illuminated and large. It wasn't your average rose out of a rose garden. When I read into NDE's and read about the people who had died and come back (with doctors account of verification) speak about the same scenery that I drew 18+ years ago--kind of blew me back for a few minutes. You should be able to GOOGLE some NDE and hopefully run across the ones that I read. It just makes you think "What If?" You know?
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That is soooo beautiful.