What If It Happened To You?

This story was inspired by an article I read a while ago. It was about a 17 year old girl being beaten within an inch of her life by someone from school. When her boyfriend found out about this the next day, he then tracked him down and killed the one who assaulted her. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison for first degree murder. It made me wonder what was going through his head when he heard the news and decided to take action.

"The finality of the event struck him as he left the room. His mind began to race as he remembered the words: 'Barely alive.' Repeated over and over, he tries to make sense of whats real. Truth hits him amidst all of this, bringing with it the sting of torment. Furiously grasping at his head, feeling as though it would split. Gravity pulls at his knees as he clenches his fists in rage. His vision, a deep sea of red, drags him into a spiral of insanity, as the noise of gritting teeth overcome his ears. It builds and builds until it feels as though his flesh is being ripped from the bone. His body struggles for air as he is overcome by the heavy veil of fury surrounding him. Through burning lungs and quaking muscles, he holds on for a shred of restraint. Blood flows like lightning in the veins, propelled from a viciously beating heart. Finally, his grip of control snaps from the pressure, as he releases a powerful yell. Knees give out and he is pulled to the ground by the internal pain enveloping him. Bones shatter, lungs burst, and skin tears as he unleashes a surge of fury into the night sky. Calling for vengeance with a fierce thunderclap of pain, he made his decision to end the one who sparked this anger."

Reading the article, it made me think about how far someone can go when someone strikes at the one they love. Should they be punished for that? Was it fair to incarcerate him? What if things went differently that day? How far could you go to protect and avenge those that matter to you? What would you do?

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3 Responses Aug 9, 2012

I will stop at nothing to keep those I care about safe. I believe that I will even kill to ensure the safety of those I love. It is only human, and I probably would have done the same in a similar situation.

I have to agree with War Ponie, and you dont know if these person had anger issues and could not control it. It is sad , but it hurts when our loved ones are hurt by someone else, and you cant help but want to do something about it. In reality , we have to think with a clear mind, and find proper solutions when theres a problem, instead of using violence.

There is absolutely no telling why he did what he did. He could have learned violence in the home and reacted to what he knows or he could have had personal issues with bullies, or maybe even with this particular person, who knows? For him to react like that it sounds like he has some irrational thinking issues along with anger issues. He wasn't thinking about how his action would affect all those around him. If I was in shoes I would have only reacted in the heat of the moment if I was there when the incident occured but short of murder trying to help my friend but no way would I have gone in for a kill after the fact. That's impulsive!!!