Is He Worth It?

He lives in ohio, I live in texas. He has a little girl, I have no kids. He drinks like crazy does drugs and doesn't care about his future, I don't drink dont do drugs and want to open up my own bakery. He wants to be with my body, I want to be with his heart. Will he ever change? What if I turn away and he changes, will it be too late? But one question remains, if I want him to change just to be with him, well, is it worth the risk?
Christianruby Christianruby
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I think you have answered your on questions.. we as men really don't change until we are ready and it isn't over night,

Perhaps God is giving you all the reason to say it is not in His will for you

Sounds like you guys are on totally different pages Rubi. Time to shelve him :)

if you like very much. don`t think pros and cons. but if u using brain entering in a relationship than u must think twice. love and passion are two different things don`t mix it. if you want to take more chance god will help you. take care.

look at your letter again i agree with carjoh85 ,take your time think hard about this ,its not easy to get someone off the drink ,dont rush into it ,good luck :)

I have to say that you have to think of your mental sanity and your well being, if this person has issues, you cannot solve this for him. He is the only one that can make the change. I respect the fact that you care for him and want him to be well. Here is something i want to ask you and think about? How long have you known this person, and has he tried anything to change his situation?. Has he ever done something to show how much he cares for you?

Also distance makes things a bit harder, but sometimes the hardest things is to know when you have to move on, you are young and im sure you have lots of opportunities knocking at your door. Take your time to think about that. Maybe you need some time to yourself to really know what you want to do in the future. besides all your responsibilities and what not. I hope my words can help you a lil bit. and good luck !!!..

you must like him to give your body to him how old is the girl xxx

He wants to be with my body, I want to be with his heart. Will he ever change? Nope. Cuz all us guys want to be with your body.

You listed lots of negatives and no positives about him.There's your answer.One of my friends has been involved with a drunk for years and his life is ruined as a result.

Overall, I would say no. He probably won't change, and there's no need trying to risk that.